Ever wished there was a place on the Internet just for pets? That’s exactly why PetJava.com exists. As the world’s first social network for pets, we’re dedicated to helping you manage everything related to your pets through PetCircles, from your pet’s favourite meal to your pet’s friends, family, trainer, veterinarian, groomer, park, pet store, and more. Finding your pet new friends! Can you always tell if someone on your favorite social media website owns a pet? It’s not easy. It’s a word-of-mouth thing. We aim to change that. We invite pet owners like you, to join our platform and give pets a chance to meet.

Creating a social media profile for your pet the proper way! Pet Memories let you post photos, videos, and stories about your pets while you search for new pet friends. No need to comb through dozens of photos of humans to find cute dog & cat pics — animals are all you’ll find here! Once you befriend someone’s pet, you’ll be able to share content to that pet’s Pet memories, too.

Connecting you with pet professionals everywhere. Add your favorite pet businesses to all of your PetCircles and get in touch with professionals easily. We offer two types of accounts — Pet Owner and Pet Business Owner. Pet Business Owners can use PetJava.com to manage everything related to their business, from promotions and deals to customer concerns. Our goal is to make it easy for your customers, old and new, to reach out to you online.

We’re constantly working on improving and adding pet centric functionalities to PetJava.com. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. We’ll do our best to answer your questions.

-- Team PetJava.com